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shopping in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about shopping in a dream

Shopping is one of the things that is loved, especially for women, and it includes shopping for the various requirements of life, as shopping for clothes or home supplies and other things. The appearance of shopping in a dream in its various forms is an indication of various matters related to the circumstances of the dream owner, his psychological state, the conditions of the dream, and the course of things in it, Here is the simplest explanation related to seeing shopping in a dream only on the Mastaba website.

Many interpretations of shopping in a dream

Shopping in a dream may be its accurate interpretation available from the options in life and which the dreamer has to choose between them, as is the case in shopping where the buyer finds more than one product and he has to choose between them.
Just as shopping in dreams in order to buy kitchen supplies such as food, drinks, etc., the interpretation of the dream can be interpreted as repeated attempts by the visionary to attract someone’s attention.
As for shopping for clothes and what is related to fashion in a dream, it is an indication of the dreamer’s great desire to make a major change in his appearance and general appearance, not only this but also seeking to develop his personality and weight.
And the end of the shopping in a dream unexpectedly, as the dreamer did not find his way from the purchases, the vision represents the embodiment of reality as the dreamer often searches for convincing exits from his problems and real solutions, but his attempts so far have not been fruitful.

Interpretation of a man’s vision of shopping in a dream

A boy’s search by shopping in a dream for the most beautiful and best gifts means that he is trying in various ways to gain the trust of one of them, prove himself, and obtain the acceptance of a girl or friend who has the respect.
Seeing the same man shopping in a dream and placing his various purchases in an elegant-looking bag is an indication that this man has obtained great appreciation from his subordinates at work, whether moral or material because he is a hardworking person who is constantly striving for excellence and raising the efficiency of work.
The frequent purchases of a man through his shopping in a dream is all good for him and his family on which he spends, whether those purchases are varied or of the same type, it is an indication of that man’s characteristic of generosity and extravagance as he has a high material level and enjoys luxury and prosperity of living.
A man is shopping in malls and commercial places in a dream and using the cart designed to collect the supplies that a person wants to buy without this man putting anything in it that he would like to buy. A matter that indicates that this man did not succeed in something he wanted, such as having a project plan or an idea Secured livelihood and failure to succeed due to planning defect.

Interpretations of seeing shopping in a dream for a woman

A woman goes out to shop in a dream in a high-end shopping place and uses one of the well-known shopping carts in order to accomplish that task, an indication that it is not a routine type that establishes a single method of coexistence with life and its requirements, but rather always tries to keep pace with the developments of the society and adapt to it in various available ways. In front of her so that she is happy in her life.
As for seeing the woman herself going on a shopping trip in a dream while she is at the height of her happiness, it is a good sign for her, which means that she will soon obtain impressive results related to achieving something that this woman was persistently seeking, such as the success of a son with superiority or participation in a business or buying a car or a house in a region Classy and so on.

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