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seeing TV in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing TV in a dream

TV is indispensable in any home or place because it is a great way to communicate with the world around us, as events and information can be known first-hand through it, and it is an excellent means of entertainment thanks to the programs, movies, and series that are shown through it, and the appearance of television in anyone’s dream. An affirmation that has a purpose and meaning that we can identify by reading the following lines that contain the exact interpretation of seeing TV in a dream, based on what was mentioned in the books of the most famous interpreters of dreams.

Meanings and interpretations of seeing TV in a dream

  • Television in a dream means great power and possession of the factors of power and influence, as it is a good tidings and blissfulness, and television in a dream may also refer to a wrong step or decision taken by the visionary regarding his business or business.
  • If the TV in a dream appears to indicate that it is old, then that is an indication that many troubles will come to the life of the visionary and the accumulation of worries and problems that will exhaust him and cause him a lot of grief.
  • But if the dreamer is watching TV, then this indicates that he is thinking too much in order to find a suitable way to help him get out of the problems that surround him and cause him worry and sadness.
  • If the television in a dream is new, then it is a sudden change in the conditions of the seeker and the many troubles he faces as well. If the television is large, then it is a warning of the arrival of worries, or the dream of a small television is a relief from them, an end to the worries, and an abundant livelihood.
  • And buying a television in a dream means a great deal of misfortune to the visionary, illness and loss of money, while a broken television is the removal of troubles and changes in conditions for the better and better for the seeker.
  • But if television appears in a dream as a gift to another person, then this means the large number of disputes that the seer will suffer with his family and family, and this may be an indication that the seer will receive some news that will grieve him.

Seeing a girl and a married woman on TV in a dream

  • If the girl finds herself playing the lead role and marrying the handsome in one of the movies inside the TV in a dream, then this means that she can achieve the dream of traveling, reconciling her with a suitable partner and marrying him, or achieving all the goals that she aspires to achieve.
  • Listening to happy news on television in a dream is a good tidings and positive things that affect the life of a single girl and make it better. But in the event that the television falls or something like an explosion occurs to him, then this is ominous and unpleasant news.
  • The TV in a house with a calm and elegant appearance in a dream, and you see a program on it, a married woman, indicates family stability and the strength of the bonds between the family of that woman, and broken television in the dream of a married woman is family problems and the breakdown of ties between members of that family.

Seeing TV in a dream for a pregnant woman

  • If a pregnant woman sees in her dream a television displaying programs on his modern, advanced screen, this is an indication that the pregnant woman is wronging some people and thinking things in them are not true.
  • Seeing good news on television in a dream about a pregnant woman means ease in anticipating childbirth and the safety of the fetus from any ill health, and if she has other children, this is good news for their success and academic excellence.
  • Seeing TV in the dream of a pregnant woman may be an indication of her overthinking about something, and this matter raises her fear without any need for that, such as, for example, being afraid of childbirth and thinking something bad will happen to her or the fetus.

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