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seeing the ocean in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing the ocean in a dream

The ocean is a large body of water that connects different countries, but what about watching the ocean in a dream? Is it a vision that indicates goodness, comfort in life, and the ability to reach goals? Or is it a bad vision and warns you of something unpleasant happening? Or does it indicate failure in life ?, Many connotations this vision carries, all of which are correct, but the interpretation differs according to the case that you watched On her are the ocean in your dream, as well as depending on whether the visionary is a man, woman, or single girl.

Meaning of seeing the ocean in a dream

  • Dream interpretation jurists say that seeing the ocean in a dream may be a psychological vision that expresses the pressures and problems that the seeing person is going through in life.
  • As for seeing the clear ocean water or seeing swimming in it easily and smoothly, it is a commendable vision and indicates the achievement of goals and the seer’s acquisition of a great deal of useful science.
  • Drinking from ocean water is for a student of knowledge an evidence of success and excellence in life, as for the merchant, it is a sign of achieving a lot of money soon.
  • Seeing the ocean is a sign of wisdom and reaching goals, but if you see that you are drowning in the ocean, then this vision is not good, and it expresses the visioner doing a lot of sins and drowning in sins and major sins, so repentance must be made.
  • Entering into the ocean denotes an ambitious personality who wants to achieve a lot of goals and wants to receive a lot of science, and if you see that you are crossing the ocean, this indicates achieving a lot of money soon.

Implications of seeing the ocean in a dream by Ibn Sirin

  • Ibn Sirin says that seeing the ocean is an expression of life and the changes that happen to it. If there are severe storms in the ocean, this indicates the dreamer’s dissatisfaction with his life and his desire to make changes.
  • Seeing swimming in the ocean waters indicates the dreamer’s ability to achieve goals, but if you see that you are unable to swim, this reflects the severe pressures in life.
  • Seeing the ocean in the waters of a single young man may be evidence of marriage soon and entering into a romantic relationship soon, God willing.

We explain the ocean view of the single girl by Ibn Shaheen

  • Ibn Shaheen says, if a single girl sees in her dream that she is drinking from the ocean water, this vision expresses entering into a happy love story and is evidence of success and stability in life.
  • But if she sees that she is crossing the ocean and the girl suffers from an illness, that indicates healing from diseases, and it also indicates salvation from worries and problems.
  • The ocean in a dream about a single woman who is a student of knowledge indicates success and excellence in life, and it symbolizes advancement and access to higher positions.
  • As for seeing severe storms in the ocean water or increasing the height of the water very significantly, this vision indicates facing a great danger or facing many difficulties in life, and she must be careful when watching this vision.

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