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seeing the back in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing the back in a dream

Seeing the back in a dream may be one of the strange and uncommon visions, but at the same time it is one of the visions that carries many connotations and very important interpretations in reality, it may indicate a lot of money and abundant livelihood, and it may indicate anxiety and intense fear for the future or fear Of illness, and the interpretation of that depends on the state in which you saw your back in the place, as well as whether the visionary is a man, woman, or single girl.

Interpretation of a dream about the back in a dream by Ibn Sirin

  • Ibn Sirin says, if you see that you are suffering from severe pain in your back or that it is divided, this indicates severe troubles and the strong worries that the seer carries in his life.
  • But if you see that your back is tight and strong, that indicates the personality of the seer and his ability to face troubles and worries in life.
  • But if you see that your back has become black or red, this indicates the beholder’s edge of problems and the inability to make correct decisions in life in general.
  • Seeing that the back has burns marks or is ironed with fire is a vision indicating that the seeker is a stingy character and has grasped life severely.
  • Seeing a bowed back is an unpleasant vision that expresses the many problems and the occurrence of a great calamity in the life of the seer, God forbid.

Interpretation of seeing the back by Ibn Shaheen

  • Ibn Shaheen says that seeing the back in a dream is a vision indicating that there is a lot of good in life and indicating that the seeker gets a lot of money, especially if the back is fat.
  • If you see in your dream the back of a naked lady, it is a completely unpleasant vision that expresses that the seeker is unable to reach the goals that he aspires for.
  • A vision of pain is one of the visions that are not pleasant at all, and it indicates the death of a brother, as it expresses a great calamity in life and you must repent and seek forgiveness.
  • But if you see the back of a young woman, this indicates a good coming, but it will be delayed a little until it happens in life.
  • Seeing back pain in a big way, even feeling crouched, is a vision indicating poverty and aging and the accumulation of worries and many problems for the seeker.

Interpretation of seeing the back of a single girl

  • Dream interpretation jurists say if a single girl sees that her back is tight and straight, it is a vision that expresses good morals and the ability of the girl to reach the goals she aspires to.
  • Seeing the back in general is a vision that indicates strength and stewardship, and indicates success and excellence in life.
  • A broken back in a dream is an expression of sadness and intense fear of the future, and it is a psychological vision regarding a girl’s anxiety for her future life.

Interpretation of a dream about seeing the back of a married woman

  • If a married woman sees in her dream that she is carrying a lot of heavy loads on her back, this vision indicates the accumulation of debts and the many worries on the woman’s shoulders.
  • But if she sees that she is carrying firewood on her back, then it is a warning vision for her to stop stupid and gossip, but if she suffers from illness and sees that her back has broken, then this indicates her death and God knows best.

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