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seeing planets in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing planets in a dream

seeing planets in a dream, in reality, is extremely impossible and no one can see them with the naked eye, but what about the interpretation of seeing planets in a dream and what is the meaning of their appearance in a dream ?, which many may see in a dream, and this vision carries a wide range of different interpretations, some of which are good and some of them What is evil, it may refer to hard work and failure in life, and it may indicate a great position and authority in life, and the interpretation of this varies according to the state in which you saw the planets in your dream.

Interpretation of seeing planets in a dream by Ibn Sirin

  • Ibn Sirin says if you see that the planets are moving in the sky, then this vision is not good and indicates that you have undertaken a journey that will reap many troubles and miseries from behind it.
  • But if you see that you own the stars, that indicates that you have the honor of people and the ability to contain hearts.
  • Seeing stars or planets at home is a commendable vision and indicates that the visionary has gained a great position in life, and indicates that he will reach the goals that he aspires to.
  • Seeing eating stars is a vision indicating that the seer is offensive to the people around him and falls into the sins of backbiting and gossip.
  • As for seeing the stars falling in the house, it is an unpleasant vision and may indicate the death of the seer, God forbid.

Interpretation of a dream about planets in a dream by Ibn Shaheen

  • Ibn Shaheen says that seeing the planets in a dream indicates that the seeing person is a strong personality capable of reaching goals and enjoying great influence.
  • As for the vision of standing on Jupiter, it is evidence that the seer will have a great position in life and he will be responsible for a large herd of people. As for seeing Saturn, it indicates justice in life.
  • If you see in your dream the planet Mercury, this indicates that the seer is a writer for the ruler, or it may be evidence that the seer has acquired a major position in science.
  • Seeing that the planets descend into the house while they are illuminating and illuminating is a vision that expresses happiness and the fulfillment of wishes in life, and this vision may also express a lot of money that the visionary will get soon, God willing.

Interpretation of a dream about the planets in the dream of a single woman by Ibn Shaheen

  • Ibn Shaheen says, if a single woman sees the planets illuminating in her dream and is able to see them clearly, then this indicates clarity of goals and the ability of the girl to achieve wishes, and it may be evidence of success and excellence in studies.
  • The fall of the planets is an unpleasant vision and it indicates that the girl suffers from many problems and worries in life in general, but if it falls on her body, this reflects the spread of diseases, God forbid.
  • But if you see that the planets have fallen and are scattered everywhere, that indicates the death of the ruler of the country, but if you fell on your head, Ibn Sirin says about it that it is evidence of reaching a great position among those around you.

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