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Seeing picking grapes in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about picking grapes in a dream

Grapes are one of the fruits that some see in their dreams and are looking for the meaning of that vision and the implication behind it. If you come across a dream of picking grapes in a dream, do not search much. Its color is black, yellow, or otherwise, and the explanations we provide include everything that was said by the imams of dream interpretation, examples of Nabulsi, Ibn Sirin, and Al-Sadiq.

Ibn Sirin’s interpretation of seeing grape fruits in a dream

Ibn Sirin interpreted accurately picking grapes in a dream, as well as eating it or seeing it only, and other forms of its appearance in a dream as follows:

  • Grapes in a dream refer in many cases to a woman, as in a man’s dream an indication of the extent of his generosity and generosity with people and his ability to provide benefit and assistance to others.
  • A man who owns a field planted with grapes that he is picked is a sure good news of the approaching of his happy marriage, and if the grapes appeared in a dream in the form of juice, then it indicates a large amount of money coming to the owner of the dream and great benefits that will please him.
  • Seeing grapes picked in a dream, whether the picking is for one or more clusters, is a sign that the seeker will obtain permissible money equivalent to the amount he picked from grape clusters in his dream.
  • If the grapes appearing in the dream are black in color, then it is a sign of severe illness or the advent of events that cause fear and panic, as for the clusters of green grapes, they are many of the goodness of the world that the seeker will attain.

Grapes picked in a single and married dream

  • When a single girl finds herself in a dream picking grapes and then eating them, this indicates the arrival of a lot of good, whether on the social level, such as marriage or practical and material, such as occupying a position at work, but if the taste of the grapes is sour, then it is a feeling of regret about something.
  • As for a married woman, seeing her picking grapes and eating them or squeezing them in her dream are pleasant things, a cure for illnesses, relief from stress and troubles, a relative’s livelihood, abundant money, and it may be an expected pregnancy.
  • As for a pregnant married woman, seeing grapes and picking grapes in a dream is safety and ease of childbirth, and if the grapes are red, it is the approaching arrival of the newborn who is waiting for him.

Interpretation of picking grapes in a dream by Nabulsi and Al Sadiq

Among those who interpreted seeing grapes and picking them in a dream also Nabulsi and Al-Sadiq, where we find that:

  • Nabulsi believes that picking grapes in a dream is an indication of the coming of livelihood and money. As for dreaming about grapes at a time that is completely off-season, it is a tidings of money and livelihood that will come in a sudden and joyful way, and it may be the opposite as well, as sudden troubles appear.
  • Nabulsi also believes that picking grapes in a dream or picking them in the form of grains from one of the gardens that are not owned by the seeker, such as the ruler’s garden, is a precursor to the approaching punishment of the visionary for some of his incorrect actions.
  • Clusters of grapes visible in a dream, which the dreamer picks some of them if they are white or green, Nabulsi believes that this is a sign of complete recovery from a disease or safety from the troubles and adversities the visionary is going through in his real life.
  • Al-Sadiq believes that seeing grapes in a dream and picking them, whether it is light white or that dark black, at a time other than the timing of the grape season is an indication of the abundance of children, as well as deepening in knowledge, or it may be abundant money.

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