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Seeing jealousy in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing jealousy in a dream

Some people may see manifestations of jealousy in a dream and feel them during a dream, and these feelings are a reflection of what is happening in real life, as some of us have feelings of jealousy towards certain people and do not admit it, and may even be completely ignorant, as this feeling falls under the list of unconsciousness, and for jealousy Other interpretations and connotations, if they appeared in a dream, were explained to us by interpreters of dreams accurately. If you are interested in knowing the interpretation of jealousy in a dream, then follow up with us.

Interpretations of some commentators about feeling jealous in a dream

Interpretation of jealousy in a dream is related to what the dreamer is going through in reality in terms of social, material, and other problems. This interpretation is also related to the social status of the visionary, who may be a man or a married woman, and he may be a young man or girl who has never been related before and based on linking the dream events to reality events In the case of the dreamer the interpretation is made, and we find that:

  • Interpreters believe that jealousy in a dream may be a sign of the dreamer’s feeling of vulnerability, and it may also be anxiety and involuntary fear of a private relationship.
  • And jealousy in a dream may also be extreme concern for some life matters of interest to the dreamer, and it may be an unwanted material concern.
  • The appearance of jealousy in general in a dream is sometimes a sign that the visionary faces some problems and troubles specific to his job or work.

Miller’s interpretation to see jealousy in a dream

Jealousy in a dream is dealt with by interpretation in many books of interpretation, and we find that the scientist Miller also gave attention to the interpretation of jealousy in a dream in his encyclopedia, which includes multiple interpretations and interpretations of many dreams, where:

  • Miller believes that the man who sees himself during the dream is very jealous of his wife, because this indicates that the dreamer’s enemies have a noticeable influence on him and an imprint in spoiling the peace of his life.
  • The man’s jealousy in the dream towards the girl he loves can be interpreted as a constant and serious quest towards a certain position in the work that is occupied by a competing colleague.
  • A woman’s jealousy from her peers or any social situation she does not prefer may indicate the approaching many troubles of that woman and her struggle in order to get out of these crises.
  • Jealousy of a person with a known name and shape is often the embodiment of reality where there is a rivalry between the dreamer and this person or a dispute over a position or position.

Interpretation of jealousy in a woman’s dream

The emergence of jealousy in a woman’s dream differs according to the marital status of that woman. If the jealousy in a woman’s dream is as follows:

  • Jealousy for the husband indicates many difficulties and requirements in social life that this wife faces, and this is visible to all those close to that wife.
  • Jealousy of the husband is also an indication of the presence of people trying to interfere in the life of the spouses by influencing the wife and listening to them at times, so she must pay attention so as not to spoil her family comfort and her relationship with her husband.
  • But if the woman in the dream is single and changes in the dream to a lover with whom she does not have an official relationship, such as engagement or marriage, then this means that this lover is always close to other women and has a special charm that attracts them towards him.
  • The dreaming woman with jealousy in a dream may be very careful and careful in all matters of her life and the tasks and responsibilities she performs on her shoulders, so it is not necessary for the interpretation of jealousy to come in the dream as something bad or not likable.

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