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seeing delivery in a dream

Interpretation of a dream seeing delivery in a dream

Surrender in a dream is one of the things that symbolize safety and peace, as there is no room for surrender to enmities and it creates some kind of disagreements and resentment, so how can the vision of surrender in a dream be explained in a detailed and complete way? We explain this on the Mastaba website by collecting all the interpretations and connotations of seeing delivery in a dream, as it came on the tongues of the tafsir sheiks with confidence.

The strongest meanings and connotations of delivery in a dream

Delivery in a dream may be synonymous with agreeing to something in reality, such as a work agreement, marriage agreement, etc. It also sometimes means good qualities such as integrity, commitment, discipline, and others.
In the event that the dreamer of surrender in a dream had a large debt and was confused about how to pay it, then the good news came through that dream of approaching the end of his distress and his exit from this predicament, as for the dream of surrender to a debtor in the dream, it is a different matter as it indicates the visionary’s attempt to return someone to the path of truth.
Shaking hands and greeting the dreamer to someone who hates him and has enmity in the dream is an indication of the end of the conflict and the soon arrival of love and peace because throwing peace and shaking hands is originally a sign of safety, affection, and intimacy.
But if the opposite is for the dreamer to see his enemy who is asking for peace and extending his hand in order to surrender in the dream, then it is a sign of the desire of the enemy or hateful to seek forgiveness, reconciliation, and the end of everything related to enmity and hate.

Signs of delivery in a man’s dream

If a man gives delivery in a dream from another simply, if in reality there is no grudge or problem between the dreamer and his counterpart, then the vision indicates the arrival of very happy things to the seeker and his obtaining the love of those around him and their constant affection.
Giving the young man or man to a well-known religious scholar and elders in a dream indicates that the visionary will have security and reassurance in his life, and he will enjoy, in the case of a single one, a wonderful marriage to a woman about whom good morals and a good face are known.
As for the man’s peace from a person unknown to him in a dream, a matter that indicates the dreamer’s soon getting rid of any causes leading to the building of rivalries with others and his ability to stop hurting anyone who is spiteful or hateful to him.
Shaking hands with a business partner in a dream means that the visionary, God willing, will have great activity in his trade, in which one of the trusted persons will participate in it, whether the participation is with effort or money, which brings abundant profit and much good to the two, and that the relationship between the two partners will continue to be strong and solid that is not weakened by any dispute.

Meaning of seeing delivery in a woman’s dream

A woman shaking hands and greeting in a dream to those who, in fact, are accustomed to greeting them already, is indicative of good conduct among people, good morals, and possession of all the means that bring goodness to her life, as well as that kind of greeting in a dream, is an indication of that woman’s interest in the relationship of the womb.
In the event that the woman refuses to shake hands and accept the greeting of the person who initiates it, the vision indicates the existence of some kind of strife and enmity between the woman and those who refuse to shake her hand, and there may be strong reasons for that strife, but trying to solve those causes is the first and best of hostility and strife.
The surrender of someone to the woman depending on the left hand and not the right hand in the dream is a matter that indicates the presence of some kind of deception and hypocrisy to which the seeker is exposed, but if the surrender is unacceptable and in an atmosphere of estrangement, this is an indication of a serious attempt to forgive the wrong person in the right of the seer.

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