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seeing cabbage in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing cabbage in a dream

Cabbage in a dream differs according to the state in which it appears, as the dreamer may see cabbage in its raw state or he may see it boiled, just as cabbage may appear in a dream in the form of cooked and delicious stuffed, so if you are looking for the clearest explanations and interpretations of seeing cabbage in a dream, we have collected it. You can read this article available on the Mastaba website.

Sayings in the interpretation of cabbage in a dream

Eating cabbage in a dream is one of the good things that indicate, and God knows best, to recover from illness and suffering. It is also a vision that promises childbirth for those who have been deprived of it for many years. If you see that vision, you are always optimistic about the next good.
In some visions, cabbage in a dream symbolizes the man’s ruggedness and cruelty in dealing with his family or colleagues, and sometimes cabbage is a sign of the large amount of money that the seeker saves for time and for urgent matters.
As for the one who sees that he is planting cabbage in his dream, he is fortunate, as he has hopes that he was always looking forward to. Those hopes are about to be fulfilled, what he has to do is patience and diligence in order to achieve them.

Meaning of seeing cabbage in a woman’s dream

Seeing a cabbage plant in a dream about a girl is something that indicates that that girl loves to remain confidential and not divulge her privacy, and that vision may be a signal to the girl, notifying that the person proposing to her engagement is characterized by ruggedness and cruelty, which calls for prohibition.
But if the girl in her dream seeks to buy cabbage, then the vision indicates the extent of the girl’s sagacity and intelligence in forming social relationships and enables her to solve her problems in a way that calls for admiration, where wisdom and sound thinking are.
As for stuffed cabbage in a dream, it is a good thing, whether for a girl or a married woman, as it promises that good things will happen in the dreamer’s life, as well as planting cabbage, for the girl has a successful marriage and the married woman is recovering from suffering and severe illness.
And cabbage for a married woman in a dream is a permissible livelihood that did not come easily, but it needed a lot of fatigue and pursuit, and sometimes cabbage in a woman’s dream is a sign of her husband who is characterized by stubbornness and stubbornness, which makes her life with him difficult and it has many problems.
In the event that a married woman sees cabbages being grown in her sleep, it is an indication of the imminence of her pregnancy and her childbearing, which is clear to her eye, whether it is a girl or a boy, and buying cabbage gets rid of the pain that was accompanying the woman and disturbs her life because it is a relief close to God.

Implications of seeing cabbage in a man’s dream

But if the seeker dreaming of cabbage in a dream is a man, then this means the abundance of money and good fortune represented in the capacity of livelihood and all doors are opened for this man, as a result of his diligence, as he is constantly searching for the best and closest to righteousness and permissible livelihood.
And if cabbage seeds appear and the man sees them being planted in his sleep, then these seeds are nothing but the children of that man and his support in life, then he must take care of raising them in all that is right and right so that they will be a help to him and good at all times.
The young man who sees red cabbage in his dream must pay attention to what he is doing in reality, as he often causes the waste of his precious time without aim and without achieving something tangible and successful because his effort is always being spent for things that are not worthy.
As for the appearance of cabbage in its white color in a man’s dream, it is good and a blessing that pervades life and salvation from problems and troubles. As for green cabbage, it is close to disease and access to the appropriate medicine for him.

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