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Seeing building a mosque in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about building a mosque in a dream

The appearance of the mosque in a dream is one of the good things, especially if the dreamer sees himself building a mosque in a dream, because that is a matter full of abundant goodness and blessing and heralds the advent of a large livelihood that is accompanied by happiness and happiness, but the interpretation of seeing a mosque being built in a dream, entering it or otherwise, differs from one person to another and from A dream to another according to the sequence of events within the dream, and many interpreters of dreams have referred in their books to the connotations of the mosque and the building of the mosque in a dream, so here is the most accurate statement in this regard.

Interpretation of Ibn Sirin to see the building of the mosque in a dream

Through what was mentioned by Ibn Sirin, the most famous interpreter of dreams, about seeing the mosque and building it in a dream, we find that this vision refers to the following:

  • The man who builds the mosque in his sleep is a man who is always obedient to the Almighty, who has a great fear of God and does all kinds of good things and acts of worship that come close to God’s pleasure. He is also committed to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet, may the best prayers and peace be upon him.
  • Also, building a mosque in a dream may be through another interpretation, as that vision may indicate the ability of the close vision holder to reach an appropriate solution to the various problems and obstacles that he faces in his life, whether at the family, family, financial, or work problems.
  • Seeing building a mosque in a dream is also an indication of finally reaching the achievement of the various goals and aspirations that the dreamer has been seeking for a period of time, and that he will win a crushing victory over the enemies and the hateful.
  • And if the one who sees the mosque in his dream is a single young man or a young woman who has not yet married, then that means in the event that the dreamer enters the mosque, the engagement and marriage of a good companion or companion who obeys God and preserves her home and her husband.
  • But if the vision includes demolishing and not building a mosque in a dream, then it is a sign of the imminent death of a distinguished scholar famous for his knowledge and piety among people, or the death of one of the rulers and those with high positions in society.

Building a mosque in a man’s dream

  • Supervising in a dream the building of a mosque for a person who enjoys power and a large professional position is an indication that this dreamer is one of the people who apply justice and have many favors over others. It also indicates that this person gives advice to everyone and forbids the wrong path and committing sins.
  • Building a mosque in a dream of a married person means that he is about to have a son who will fill his life with happiness and happiness. But if the man is not married, this dream is a harbinger of a successful marriage soon.
  • Seeing a rich man who owns a great fortune with his own money during the dream builds a mosque, this is an indication that this person takes out his full zakat and nothing is missing from it.
  • But if the person with the vision is poor and does not have money, then building a mosque in his dream means that he will have abundant livelihood and a lot of money that will make him rich soon.

Some other interpretations of mosque building visions

  • Building a mosque in a dream for a woman or a man, according to events, sometimes indicates the dreamer’s great interest in strengthening the bond of kinship with his family and relatives.
  • Seeing the same person building a mosque in a dream, with the clarity of all the construction details, from used bricks, sand and cement, indicates the coming of goodness and blessing to the life of the seer.
  • But if there is something wrong with building matters that a person does while working on building a mosque in his dream, such as changing the direction of the pulpit or otherwise, then the matter indicates bad and evil that afflicts the seeker and disrupts his life.

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