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seeing a snail in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing a snail in a dream

Have you ever seen a snail in a dream? The snail is that living organism that many of us know as the cochlea, as it is characterized by its flaccid body that is protected from the top by a solid body with a distinctive shape that we all know, and the appearance of the cochlea or snail in a dream has several interpretations and connotations explained to us by more than one scientist specializing in dream interpretation, such as Ibn Sirin Al-Nabulsi, as well as Miller and others, and the interpretation of seeing a snail in a dream carry one of the two sides, either goodness, happiness and blessing, or evil, bad and fatigue, all of which depends on the shape of the snail and its location in the dream as well as the conditions of the dreamer that he is going through, etc.

Ibn Sirin interpretation of seeing a snail in a dream

  • Ibn Sirin explained that the shell in a dream is an indication of the approaching date of the visionary’s travel to another place or his migration away from his homeland, which changes all the living conditions of the seer and his family, which is naturally affected by travel and transportation.
  • And sometimes, seeing a snail or a shell in a dream of a person who, in reality, has some stress and living troubles, indicates that this person certainly needs others to extend a helping hand to him in order to overcome the situation he is going through in peace.
  • Ibn Sirin also explains the interpretation of seeing a snail in a dream about those people who actually own their own business or investment projects as an indication of the possibility of these projects being hit by some risks and obstacles that need patience and organized planning to pass through them peacefully and achieve the expected success.
  • Seeing a set of reality that has been cooked is an indication of unpleasant news that the visionary hears after a period of its occurrence. Eating snails in a dream is a harbinger of happiness, happiness and strength in family and social relationships.

Seeing a snail in a dream for a single young man

  • A single young man seeing a snail in a dream is a good news for him of the imminence of marrying a righteous girl with whom he will marry him amid the joy of his family and relatives.
  • And if in a dream the snail was stretched significantly and clearly, then that young dreamer has a great desire for engagement and marriage and no longer has the patience to wait any longer.
  • When the unmarried young man sees in his dream a snail hiding completely in his shell, this is an indication that this young man has been waiting for a long time for the occurrence of something that is a goal or ambition such as marriage, work, travel, etc.

Other connotations of seeing a cochlea in a dream

Through what came on the tongues of the commentators, we find that the snail also in a dream may be a sign of the following:

  • Skipping a difficult stage in the dreamer’s life and moving to a completely new situation for him, and this is in the event that the vision includes placing the snail on the ear with a desire to listen.
  • And the snail in a dream is an indication of the recklessness of the noticeable dreamer, in the event that the dreamer finds himself collecting the snail in his dream, then he is a person who is hasty in his decisions and actions and is wasting money.
  • The appearance of snails, snails, or seashells in a single girl’s dream, so that she appears in the dream to eat it with her fiancé, this indicates that she was able to gain the confidence of that fiancé and share her opinion and measure in the correct disbursement of his money.
  • Sometimes the presence of snails or snails in a dream indicates that the visionary will have to deal with someone who is very stubborn, but of the honest type that does not deviate from the right and the right.

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