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seeing a silver lobster in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing a silver lobster in a dream

Many people love silver and love jewelry made from it, perhaps more than their love for gold jewelry, because silver is a metal that has its own attractive elegance, and it is a metal that suits both men and women and all the jewelry made of it is very elegant, especially if it is in the form of a chain suitable for men or women, what is the explanation And the clarification of seeing silver in a dream about a man and a woman, and is this an indication of a matter that has a special significance, or is this appearance of silver a meaningless matter, this is what we will explain through the following article:

Interpretation of seeing silver in a dream

A chain made of silver in general in a dream indicates the presence of a wife who is loving and loyal to her husband, as it may refer to a daughter who will be a source of happiness for her parents and more righteous and affectionate, just as the silver bracelet or chain of arms sometimes indicates what the visionary will have in terms of money and goodness coming to him. Silver spin also in a dream indicates the extent to which the visionary adheres to the teachings of the religion and his eagerness to follow the path of truth and piety God in all matters of his life, and this is according to the saying of many interpreters of dreams.

The meaning of seeing silver in a man’s dream

  • If a man finds that in his dream he wears a chain of silver, this is a sign of his victory approaching and his victory over his enemy, in the event that he has an enemy in reality, or a vengeful person who is constantly stalking his life and wants to harm him.
  • Likewise, silver in a man’s dream is a good news for him to bear his wife, and it may also be a sign to him that he has an honest friend and sincerely loves him and loves good and happiness for him.
  • But if the man was really rich and saw in his dream that he wore a chain of silver in his hand, then this indicates that he will grow richer and richer and he will earn a lot of money.
  • And if a man has a position that allows him to issue decisions and judgments, and if he sees in his dream bracelets or chains made of silver, then this is an indication that his decisions are correct and everyone abides by them and applies them.

The connotations of seeing silver in a woman’s dream

  • Spilling silver in a dream about a girl indicates that she will soon have an engagement party for someone who is suitable for her and will have all love and appreciation for her.
  • The silver spillage in the dream of a married woman indicates the opening of a new livelihood door for that family that improves the financial conditions of the wife and her husband and the children they have, as this vision may indicate that the family has abundant money, perhaps coming as a result of a new inheritance or work for the husband, or a project or something else.
  • A pregnant woman who sees silver in her dream is an indication that the gender of the newborn may be a girl, and in general silver in a pregnant woman’s dream is good for her, whether related to her health, her newborn, or the affairs of her household.
  • Silver spills in a dream about a married woman may be a sign of disturbances in her family life due to problems with her husband or one of our sons, and with patience and wisdom, that lady will be able to overcome the matter.
  • The loss of silver in a woman’s dream may be an indication of the woman’s loss of one of the strong relationship ties that she had in the past with a friend, for example, or with a husband or lover, and that vision may also be an indication of losing a person because of his death or emigration, etc., and sometimes This loss is anxiety and tension due to fear of missing important things or things in real life.

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