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seeing a school in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing a school in a dream

The school is a place to receive science, and it is one of the places that carry a lot of memories inside us, so who of us does not carry as many happy memories with friends, tests, studies, and knowledge in the school in which he teaches ?, So this vision is one of the very common visions that dreams about Many people are looking for an explanation, and we will get to know the interpretation of the school’s vision, which varies according to the situation in which the school witnessed it, as well as whether the visionary is a man, a woman, or a single young man.

Ibn Sirin’s interpretation of a dream about school in a man’s dream

  • Ibn Sirin says, seeing back to school is one of the visions that indicates the visionary’s desire to develop himself and it is an expression of a very ambitious personality.
  • But if you see in your dream that you have gone back to study again, but you are experiencing difficulties in studying, or you have failed for several times, this indicates that you are suffering from life’s stress and it is an indication of severe anxiety.
  • But if you saw in your dream that you went back to school again and you had many childhood friends having fun and playing with you, then this vision is good and indicates hearing good news soon, and it may indicate entering into a profitable business.
  • Seeing eating food in a dream is a praiseworthy vision and indicates that the seeker acquires a lot of money in the form of halal, which is a metaphor for receiving more legitimate knowledge and knowledge.
  • But if you see that you are having fun and play in school and are not aware of the teacher’s explanation, then it is a warning vision for you to pay attention to your actions, as it expresses the fun in life in general.

Interpretation of the school’s vision of a single girl by Ibn Shaheen

  • Ibn Shaheen says, if a single girl sees that she is succeeding in school, then this vision indicates success in public life, but if she is about to enter into an emotional relationship, then it is a vision that indicates marriage and the completion of this relationship.
  • But if the single woman saw that she had returned to study and saw that she was failing and failing more than once, then it is a psychological vision that indicates the intense tension and anxiety that the girl suffers from because of her fear of the future.
  • Seeing male play in the study is an unpleasant one and indicates that the girl is going the wrong way or wasting a lot of time without any benefit.
  • Seeing the school bell ringing is an unpleasant vision that warns that the girl does a lot of bad work and that she must review all the actions she does.

Interpretation of school vision for married women

  • But if the seer is a married woman and you watch that she is playing and laughing inside the school, then it is a vision that expresses her marital life in reality, and indicates the happiness and stability in which she lives.
  • If the married woman sees that she receives a letter from the school administration, this vision expresses the existence of many problems in her marital life during the coming period.
  • Marriage inside the school is a metaphor for making a lot of money and a metaphor for good manners for the visionary.

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