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seeing a landline phone in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing a landline phone in a dream

The landline phone is a great means of communication that makes everyone, no matter how far away, communicate with each other without any hindrance at any time, and we all have a landline phone in the home or office and other places, so what about the appearance of the landline phone in a dream, does it also refer to some kind of communication Or does it have other connotations? This is what will become clear to everyone through this comprehensive article on the latest interpretations of seeing a landline phone in a dream.

Interpretations and connotations of seeing a landline phone in a dream

A terrestrial phone in a dream indicates a kind of happy news that the visionary will receive soon, and the appearance of a land phone also in a dream may be a sign of wealth and possession of reasons for wealth and prestige, as it may indicate a man with a strong personality and a right opinion.
Speaking on a terrestrial phone in a dream is something that indicates hearing some news, and based on the events of the dream and the state of the seeker in the dream, he deduces the type of that news, is it the type of joyful or one that brings grief and oppression? Or does it cause the seeker to worry and confuse?
In the event of talking via a landline phone in a dream, and then the line was suddenly cut off, this indicates what will happen in terms of a break between the seeker and one of the people close to him, whether from family or friends, but if the communication network is weak and the voice is not clearly audible, this indicates a disturbance of relations And getting into trouble.

Interpretation of seeing a landline phone in a dream according to its color

If the phone or landline phone in the dream is white, then this is an indication of all that is joyful news, hadiths, and everything that brings happiness and pleasure from the news.
As for the appearance of a black ground phone in a dream, it is an indication of all that is annoying in terms of news, as well as all that is sad and troubling in terms of news and events.
If the terrestrial phone appearing in the dream is of the suspended or wireless type, then it indicates the quality of intelligence that the seeker enjoys and the extent of his love for modern and advanced matters.

Seeing a landline phone in a dream for a woman

The pregnant woman who buys a new landline phone in her dream is a clear indication of the date of birth, which has become very close, so that woman must prepare to receive her baby, God willing.
The ringing of the landline phone in the dream of a pregnant woman is good news and happiness, as is the case in the dream of a married woman, and a married woman who buys a type of landline phone in a dream is indicative of the widespread success in her life, whether in her relationship with her husband or her children or in the future of these children and the extent of their excellence and academic progress.
If the married woman sees herself holding the landline phone and throwing it on the ground, causing it to break, then this indicates financial hardship that the wife and husband are going through, and it may also indicate the problems and troubles that make her life so difficult and create disputes between her and her husband.
Seeing a landline phone in a dream about a single girl is a piece of good news for her to marry, but from someone who does not belong to the same city, but from another city. This vision also bears another interpretation, which is that that dreamy girl will marry a man who wants polygamy, which will cause problems later.
And the girl who dreams that she is making phone calls with someone, this is an indication of her entering into a non-serious relationship with someone, and over time, that relationship will cause her exhaustion and psychological fatigue due to the disagreements that will happen in her.

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