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seeing a jinn in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing a jinn in a dream

The jinn is a creature of fire and God Almighty created it and ordered it to worship, and it is found everywhere around us as they are many people and there are those who carry evil, including the good jinn, but seeing the jinn in a dream causes great anxiety and fear of the seeing person, which makes many looks for a dream interpretation See the jinn and learn the connotations that this vision carries.

Interpretation of seeing the jinn in a dream by Ibn Sirin

  • Ibn Sirin says about seeing the jinn, that it is evidence of the presence of a bad person in your life, but if you see that you have turned into a jinn, this vision is not good and indicates the bad morals of the seeker and the people’s hatred of him for what he does bad deeds.
  • But if you see that the jinn are in the form of a human being, then this indicates the presence of someone who plots you, but you do not know him, and you should beware of the people around you.
  • But if you see that you feel a strong fear of the jinn, that indicates the psychological state that the seer is going through, and it is a sign of anxiety, tension, and the occurrence of some disturbances in life in general.

Interpretation of seeing the jinn hit in a dream

  • Dream interpretation jurists say, if you see that you are hitting the jinn in your dream, then this vision indicates the strength of the seer and the strong intelligence and ability to know enemies.
  • But if you see that the jinn is the one who beats you, then it is a warning vision for the seeker of the need to avoid sins and perform duties and acts of worship on time.
  • Seeing entering into conflict from the jinn is an indication of the occurrence of some family disturbances and problems in the life of the seer, which causes him sadness and anxiety.

Interpretation of seeing the jinn in a dream of a single girl by Ibn Shaheen

  • Ibn Shaheen says, if a single girl saw a jinn in her dream, then this vision expresses thieves breaking into the house, or she will deal with a person of bad manners and she should beware of him.
  • Seeing a jinn chasing a single girl is an indication of fear of a certain problem in life, especially the workplace, but it must be dealt with.
  • But if the single woman sees that she recites the Qur’an from the jinn, then this vision is praiseworthy and expresses the good morals of the girl, her strength of faith, and closeness to God Almighty.

Interpretation of seeing the jinn in a dream for a married woman

  • Dream interpretation jurists say that the jinn in the house of a married woman is warned of exposure to fatigue and severe illness, and she has to pray and seek forgiveness on an ongoing basis.
  • If the lady sees that she is talking with the jinn, that indicates that she will talk to someone and consult him about important matters about her, but this person is her enemy and she does not know.
  • Seeing that the jinn explains things and talks with the lady about her private matters. This is an expression of the lady’s bad morals and that she is working to spread discord among people.

Interpretation of seeing the jinn at home

  • If you see in your dream that the jinn is standing next to the house, this indicates exposure to a great loss of money and going through many problems in life.
  • Seeing a jinn inside the house is an expression of a bad person in your life that is stalking you and wanting to actually harm you.
  • Jinns in the house may be a sign of thieves entering your home, so you should be careful.

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