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seeing a curl in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing a curl in a dream

The braid is one of the types of hairstyles that are done for the hair and the lady does by collecting the hair strands together in a very harmonious form, especially if the hair is long, but what about the interpretation of a dream of seeing a braid in a dream ?, which may be strange dreams but at the same time it is Important dreams that carry many important connotations and interpretations in life, so we will get acquainted with the interpretation of this vision in detail and get to know what it carries in terms of good or evil only with the mastaba.

Interpretation of seeing a plexus in a dream

  • Dream interpretation jurists say that the braid in a man’s dream may be an expression of falling into a big problem, but he is able to solve it, God willing.
  • But if you see that you have a long black braid, this indicates access to a great position in society, and it is a vision that expresses making a lot of money.
  • When you see that you are making a pigtail for your daughter, this expresses a compassionate personality and the provision of good offspring.

Interpretation of a dream about a curl for a single girl

  • Dream interpretation jurists say, if a single girl sees that she is making a curl for herself in a dream easily, this vision indicates the ease of reaching the goals she seeks in life.
  • But if she sees that someone is making her braid, this indicates that she will marry a relative of a person whom she loves very much, and she will have support in life, especially if the braid is long.
  • As for the vision of owning a thick braid, this reflects the personality of a girl who is stubborn and ambitious in a large way and wants to get a lot of things, and indicates a desire to learn and excel.
  • Dream interpretation jurists say that seeing hair in general for a woman is a vision that indicates goodness, happiness, livelihood and money if it is soft, long and has no problems.

Interpretation of a dream about a curl for a married lady

  • Dream interpretation jurists say, if a married woman sees that the braid is thick, it means that she has a lot of money as much as her life can secure.
  • But if she collected it and held it over her head, then it is an unpleasant vision and indicates an increase in the worries and burdens on the woman’s burden.
  • But if she sees that her husband is making a braid for her, then this indicates that she will get pregnant soon, but if the braids are black, this indicates sophistication and reaching goals.
  • Seeing that the curl is long and thick is a good vision, and dream interpretation jurists have agreed that this vision is a sign of livelihood and a lot of money soon.

Interpretation of seeing the curl of a pregnant woman by Ibn Shaheen

  • Ibn Shaheen says that seeing the braid in a dream about a pregnant woman expresses that she will give birth to a male child, God willing, especially if she is at the beginning of pregnancy.
  • Seeing that the curl is long and extending along her back is a commendable vision and indicates that her son will have a great position in life and may become the leader of the country.

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