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seeing a court in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing a court in a dream

The court in real life is that place where any dispute is resolved according to the just law and the application of justice and retribution from the oppressors, it is a symbol of right and justice in the state, so what if that court appeared in a dream? Does this have special connotations and meanings, or is it as in real life a reference to a just ruling, to know that it is preferable to review the following article that includes various interpretations regarding seeing the court in a dream and the meaning of that vision for both males and females?

Meaning of seeing a court in a dream

According to what was stated by Ibn Sirin, the court in a dream means justice and equality, as it may mean many troubles and difficulties, as will be evident to us through the following:

  • The court in a dream is an expression of the urgent desires of the visionary to implement equality between different individuals and to make justice prevail among all, but if the vision includes seeing cases of some kind that are decided in the court, then this is an indication of many matters related to morality.
  • If the dreamer sees himself inside a court being tried for a crime he has committed, then this is not auspicious at all, as it means problems and many difficulties coming to the life of the visionary, so he should be more attentive to all his actions.
  • Also, the appearance of the court in a dream for some is an indication of the type of fateful decisions that the visionary will have to take soon, but if the appearance of the court in a dream was at peak times and its fullness with people, whether lawyers, judges, people in the hall, and so on, then that means happiness And the best is coming for me.
  • If the visionary sees that the court appearing in his sleep is completely empty of people and that the building in it is empty, then this matter indicates that the visionary will be wronged in many matters on the part of some people.
  • Seeing a court in a dream may explain the extent to which the visionary suffers from dread in his life and a feeling of insecurity and stability in general as a result of some life problems.
  • The court also comes in a person’s dream to indicate the loss of the visionary material and the loss of a large number of money, as it may refer to the case of indecent assault in reality.

The court in the dream of men and women

  • The court in a lady’s dream means facilitation that includes all matters of her life and her steps towards achieving her goals and hopes in life, which makes happiness imminent and always close to her.
  • As for the court in a man’s dream, it is an indication of the many problems and disagreements that this man will fall into in the affairs of his life and his family, and he must act with wisdom and intelligence.
  • But if the person with the vision finds himself, whether he is a man or a woman, who appears in the dream, courts inside a court, and he is in reality a sick person.

Other interpretations of seeing the court in a dream

  • Seeing the court in a dream may also refer to a reminder of the worldly life as well as the hereafter, and seeing the hall in which issues are discussed and judged in a dream indicates that the visionary will go through a new experience from which he learns a lot of what will benefit him in his life in general.
  • As for the appearance of the court’s warrant in a dream, it is an indication of the urgent need to work for a government agency, which requires formal procedures that the seer must follow.

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