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seeing a ceiling in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing a ceiling in a dream

Sometimes the dreams of some people include scenes related to the ceiling of the house. The dreamer may see himself falling from the ceiling, or he may see the ceiling collapsing or waterfall from it, and other visions that include the ceiling in a dream, so what is the correct interpretation of seeing the ceiling in a dream? Does this interpretation differ according to the dreamer’s gender and social status? Follow with us the next lines, as they include the most famous interpretations of seeing the ceiling in a dream, according to the words of Ibn Sirin, Nabulsi, and others.

Meaning of seeing the ceiling in a dream

  • Seeing the ceiling in a dream may have cracks and cracks, this indicates the existence of family disputes that the dreamer suffers from with his family members, and it may also mean the existence of financial problems.
  • Ceiling cracks in a dream that cause water leaks are a sign of good in a woman’s dream in general, as in a married woman’s dream, she has close luck and livelihood. In a girl’s dream, it is a successful marriage.
  • As for the house that appears without a roof in a dream, it is an indication of the spread of the secrets of that house and the lack of privacy in it, and it may indicate the constant preoccupation of the father and mother with the children.
  • The fall of a person from the ceiling in a dream is an indication of the presence of an enemy close to the person with the vision that the dreamer could get rid of in reality, if the person falling from the ceiling was a woman, then any relationship between the visionary and that woman will end, and the fall of the child is a danger to them. Close.

The ceiling in dreams of girls and married women

  • The fall of the roof of the married woman’s house in a dream is an indication of difficulties that she will face in her life that causes her sadness. In a single woman, it refers to the person who bears the responsibility of the house, whether the father or the mother.
  • Seeing the moment the ceiling falls in the dream of a married woman is a warning of conflicts and problems between her and her husband, and that this matter will extend for many days. As for seeing dirt falling from the ceiling, it is a harbinger of the end of any disputes that the woman suffers from with her husband or her family.
  • The breakage of a part of the roof of the house in the dream of a married woman or a single girl indicates the possibility of that woman suffering from a disease from which her treatment is prolonged, and this may also be a sign of infection of the homeowner and not necessarily the one who sees that expected disease.

Seeing a roof man in a dream

  • Seeing the ceiling in a dream in a good and beautiful shape is an indication that the man with the vision has a great position in his society and occupies an important position.
  • The burning ceiling in a man’s dream means that in reality that man participates in a certain business, and that work will soon bring him large financial profits.
  • Hitting the roof of the house in a man’s dream with some stones, this is an indication that there is a misfortune that will happen to that man and damage his life and suffering from.
  • If the roof of a house appears in a man’s dream, it is made of gold or painted with gold water, then this indicates that this man will suffer from poverty and need soon.
  • Seeing the ceiling in a dream with some plants emerging from it, this is an indication of the presence of people who show sincerity and love, but in reality their goal is to defraud the man with the vision.
  • The fall of the ceiling in a man’s dream sometimes indicates that his or who owns the house in which he lives is approaching, and breaks in the ceiling indicate problems, whether in the man’s work or in his family life.

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