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lunch in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing a lunch in a dream

Lunch is made from red meat or chicken meat, and it has a distinctive and special taste and is used in some foods or in the manufacture of delicious sandwiches, and often lunch comes in a dream as a sign of good and happiness.

Interpretations of seeing lunch in a woman’s dream

If a girl saw a lunch in a dream, then it is one of the beautiful visions, as the delicious meat of the lunch is an indication of that girl’s receiving a shower of various good things that will give her life a different taste, all happiness and joy, which is very wonderful.
And if the girl in her dream was eating a sandwich containing one of the types of lunch, then her dream indicates that she is the type of pregnancy that no matter how many worries and pressures he faces, he remains steadfast and strong, as she is a girl who managed to succeed after a long period of steadfastness and endure all the obstacles that hinder that success.
And if the dreamer is a married woman and she saw in her dream that she eats a sandwich with a lunch in the middle, which is difficult to hold, then seeing a lunch in a dream in this way indicates that this lady is not responsible type and that she always avoids all the tasks that fall upon her. And responsibilities towards her family and children which constantly brings problems.
As for the woman who notices that the lunch that she eats in a dream has expired and that its smell, taste, and shape indicate its corruption, she is a woman in reality who has made some mistakes and committed some immorality and she has to quickly repent and return to God because the time is not late yet.
Buying a married lunch in a dream is a good omen where the prosperity and luxury life that she, her husband, and children will enjoy because of her having a guaranteed source of halal livelihood, and her life will be free of big problems thanks to the bonding of her family and their strength together.

The connotations of seeing a lunch in a man’s dream

Seeing a man’s lunch in a dream in a corrupt and repulsive state, this vision is an indication that this person has intentionally obtained money through a forbidden way, so he must know that this money is without blessing and will not benefit its owner, and he must repent and turn away from this path he is walking.
Seeing a young man buying lunch in a dream means that he is about to share his life in all its details with a beautiful girl by marrying her. Also, if that young man has his own wishes, this dream also may mean that those wishes are about to be a tangible reality in his life. seer.
A married man who takes lunch in a dream is on a close date with happiness, where he enjoys a stable life and a wonderful financial condition. If he does not have children, his wife is about to offer him a son or son after
Years of waiting so she will have a healthy pregnancy.

Other interpretations of seeing a lunch in a dream

Lunch corruption in a dream If the dreamer is a man, then he is following a wrong and illegal path, and if the dreamer is single, then she gives her confidence to someone who does not deserve it, and if she does not pay attention, she may be harmed and harmed by that person.
Lunch also in a dream indicates the superiority of the son or daughter in the field of study and science and a stable life far from any turmoil and benefit that comes to the seeker from a source of livelihood and new trade.

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