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about seeing obesity in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about seeing obesity in a dream

Obesity is one of the problems that concern many women and men, as fitness and a perfect body are definitely a desire for everyone, so people with obesity always strive to burn the extra fat that causes this in several ways, and obesity in a dream has other connotations, as obesity is explained according to the course of the dream and according to what Concerning the visor’s characteristics and circumstances, follow us on the Mastaba website to learn the meanings of the visions of obesity in a dream.

Some of what was said in the interpretation of seeing obesity in a dream

Obesity in a dream indicates that the person who has a vision is a person who enjoys complete health and vitality and does not suffer from diseases and troubles, and seeing obesity may be a sign of the good and bliss in which a person lives.
In the event that a man with a fat body is seen in a dream, it is an indication of great wealth and wealth, as it may be a reference to the business with great profits in which the seeker enters and achieves gains, and obesity in some dreams is unparalleled successes and superiority.
In the event that the vision includes a person with a significantly thin body and then becomes possessed of a fat body, this is an indication of being deceived in something that may be related to the work or social life of the viewer.
And if someone who is characterized by obesity in a dream is a woman, this indicates that a lot of goodwill come to that woman and she will enjoy that good for many years, and that bliss will include her family and her family as well.
In the event that the seer was a person who was actually obese and saw himself through the vision thin and underweight, this indicated that the visionary would face many troubles in his life as well as obstacles and problems that he will continue to struggle to overcome for a long period of time.
If the vision includes an obese child in a dream, then this is an indication of the happiness and joy that the visionary will find in his professional and family life, and he will enjoy the calmness of a life free from the problems that bring worry and depression.

Meaning of seeing obesity is a dream for a woman

A pregnant married woman When she sees obesity in a dream, it is a kind of good news that brings to herself reassurance from the things that concern her, such as childbirth, as it will be easy and health will be in full health as well as for the health of the newborn.
Seeing a wife with her husband in a dream in the form of a fat person who has an overweight body indicates that that husband will be able to have a livelihood that makes their life much better than before, and it is also possible that this vision is a sign of the husband’s complete health.
And if a single woman sees a fat person in a dream, it is a good tiding to her of the great luck and success that she will find in her life. If she shakes hands with that person, she will achieve great success in the academic field that she loves.

Seeing a dead person is obese in a dream

If the visionary sees a person who died a while ago in a dream but appears obese and in a state of hunger, then that vision indicates that the seeker will be able to find the most appropriate solutions to all the material problems that worry him.
Seeing the deceased in a dream as if he was a religion, in general, is a vision that indicates a good conclusion that this person attained, as he was one of the people who adhere to religion and cares about the good of the business.
Likewise, seeing the deceased in a dream craving food that leads to obesity and eating from it indicates that all the things of the seeker, God willing, will be good and bring him happiness.

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