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haircuts in a dream

Interpretation of a dream about haircuts in a dream

Hair is the crown of a woman and a symbol of her beauty, so the lady always takes care and attention to it on an ongoing basis in order to preserve it. Among the aspects of preserving it is continuous hairstyling, but what about the interpretation of a dream of seeing hair pulling in a dream, which may bring you much good and salvation from your worries Problems and a great increase in livelihood, but the interpretation of this varies according to the state in which you saw poetry in the dream, and according to whether the visionary is a man, woman, or single girl.

Interpretation of dreaming of hair styling by Ibn Sirin

  • Ibn Sirin says, if you see in your dream that you are combing hair and the hair is long and smooth, this indicates that you will soon get a lot of money, God willing.
  • As for seeing combing short hair in a man’s dream, it indicates that the visionary will get a promotion. If he is a student of knowledge, this indicates that he has acquired a lot of useful science.
  • Seeing combing hair with a wooden comb is an indication that the seeker suffers from much envy in life from those around you, while the silver comb symbolizes getting a lot of money.
  • But if you see that you are giving your wife a new comb, then this indicates that the wife is pregnant soon.
  • If a person sees that he is combing hair with great difficulty and the hair has many wrinkles, this vision symbolizes facing many difficulties in life.
  • But if you see that you are combing the hair, but you find some insects in it, it is a vision that symbolizes the beholder’s preoccupation with many trivial matters.

Meaning of seeing hair in a dream for a single girl by Nabulsi

  • Imam Nabulsi says, about seeing combing and combing hair by a single girl with a wooden comb, that it is a good vision and it indicates the good morals of the girl, and it may also express that she will marry a relative of a distinguished personality.
  • But seeing haircuts with a comb made of iron is a bad vision and means facing many problems and severe concerns in life, and it is also a warning vision in a bad personal interview that will cause many problems.
  • If the hair is too long in an exaggeration of the truth, it indicates postponing an important event in your life, or facing some difficulties in achieving your dream.

Implications of seeing hair in a dream for a married woman

  • Dream interpretation jurists say, if the married woman sees that she is brushing her hair easily and easily, this indicates hearing very good news and it may indicate a lot of money and the opening of a new livelihood door.
  • As for the use of a comb made of gold in combing hair, it is an expression of pregnancy and childbearing, God willing.
  • But if your husband is the one who combed your hair, it is a vision that expresses happiness, joy and stability in life in general.
  • Combing the hair with an iron comb by a married woman in a dream is an unpleasant vision that expresses many problems in her life.

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